FutureFashion (FF) was created out of passion towards creativity in the fashion industry and care for people and its environment. The concept is Sustainable Fashion, in all of its various expressions – recycle, reuse, up-cycle, repurpose, slow and ethical fashion.

The Future Fashion Abaya’s are made out of high-end eco fabrics from certified manufacturers; fibers made from bamboo, organic cotton, satin from wood and soy-based fibers, peace silk and recycled polyester. This also includes the use of low impact and natural dyes and local manufacturing of finished products.

Ayesha Siddequa is the Creative Director of Future Fashion, a sustainable fashion business platform for fashion driven environmental products based out of Dubai, UAE. Originally from India, Ayesha lived most of her life in the Middle East. After completing her Masters in Corporate Social Responsibility at Liverpool John Moores University in UK she moved back to the middle east to settle in Dubai where she now runs her business, Future Fashion.

It is a result of a combination of 12+ years of corporate knowledge and passion for creativity in fashion. Through the Future Fashion brand, Ayesha has created a unique abaya line that combines environmental responsibility with cutting-edge aesthetic to demonstrate to her customers how glamorous and edgy sustainable fashion can be.

Ayesha has a very ambitious vision to see Future Fashion become a one-stop-shop for a range of different luxurious sustainable fashion brands from around the world.