We hear so much saying “the confluence of art and fashion,” but you heard before about the confluence of the environment fashion? This is achieved by fashion designer “girlfriend Ayesha” She is also the creative director of Future Fashion, where she presented an eco-friendly fashion show, as part of the activities of the Emirates Green Festival.“Madam,” met designed in a quick chat about the display.

Where did the idea of providing an eco-friendly fashion show?
This offer was an initiative of the Festival of the United Arab Emirates Green, organized by the UAE and our commitment to participate in it.

Do you think that the idea could fit into fashion?
Yes, I think that the idea will be consistent with the fashion industry, it has spread the concept of eco-friendly fashion in the Western world a few years ago and find acceptance yet.

What raw materials that you use in the show?
I have used multiple ores met all the compatibility with the environment, including eco-certified fabrics made of textile fibers and recycled materials, all in harmony with the environment.

Can you received the idea acceptable to Arab women?
Certainly, especially if the idea was popular and attention of distinguished designers around the world.

What is the purpose of this offer?
The primary goal of the show is to spread awareness among customers in the Middle East about the need to pay attention to the environment in a sustainable manner and taking care to emphasize that fashion is characterized by elegance and gravity.

Is there a demand for this kind of fashion?
Not enough due to the lack of sufficient awareness, in addition to that there is no sufficient amount of supply of such fashion shall affect the strength of demand for them.

Is there a difficulty in the design of this type of fashion?
There is some difficulty because the environmental fabrics are not easily available what drives us to make the effort to find this quality of fabrics.

Did you ask my grandmother difficulties in this idea?
On the contrary, there is no difficulty in providing this idea because people are interested and want to see the environmental products, so we work in Future Fashion for the opening of our stores all over the world so that individuals be found, purchase and thereby increase the promotion of the idea.

What is the message that you want routed through this offer?
Our aim in Future Fashion to follow the fashion and concern for the submission in the most beautiful image with an emphasis on preservation of the environment and not damaging it.