Ayesha Siddequa has a future vision for Middle Eastern fashion, and it is green.

Originally from India and now based in Dubai, Ayesha, who holds a Masters Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility wondered why there weren’t more sustainable fashion options open to women in the Middle East. After searching extensively for garments made of peace silk, bamboo or other eco-friendly fashions, she was disappointed at the lack of range available. so she created her own.

Today, Ayesha is the Creative Director of Future Fashion, a sustainable fashion business platform for design driven, eco-friendly fashion aimed at Muslim women. Ayesha created a line of sustainable abayas (the long, black gown traditionally worn by women in the region), and also launched a retail website on which she hopes to carry some of her favourite eco-friendly Western brands, such as Kevin Muscat andJoyce Pilarsky.

Future Fashion’s Abayas are made out of high-end fabrics made from bamboo, organic cotton, satin from wood and soy-based fibres, peace silk and recycled polyester. Low impact and natural dyes are used, and adding to the line’s eco credentials is the fact that all manufacturing is locally based.

Ayesha will be selling her abayas not only on her site, but will also be hosting a prestigious pop-up show held this April as part of the UAE’s Green Festival.  This is the first ever eco-fashion show supported by the government, and offers brands who want to break into the Middle Eastern market a great opportunity to sell their wares not only in the huge mall, but later on via Future Fashion’s retail platform, too.

She may be one of the few women trying to advance eco-fashion in the Middle East, but with glamorous designs and the support of the Emirati government and established brands from the West, Ayesha Siddequa’s green vision may just materialise.