Designers from around the world will parade their latest collections in Abu Dhabi’s first-ever Eco Fashion Show, a five-day event featuring couture-with-a-conscience this April.  Designed to raise awareness of green practices nationwide, it’s part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Green Festival 2014,  and an offshoot of Berlin-Dubai Designer Exchange 2013, conducted in partnership with theGoethe-Institute Gulf Region.

Linking product lines to the environment is a clever differentiator; hug a tree or two and your frocks immediately stand out in the world’s uber-competitive $400 billion-dollar rag trade. (We’ll take forward strides in sustainability regardless of how they’re dressed up!)

Abaya (the long, black cloak) and hijab (headscarf) are usually made out of rayon, polyester, or nylon. Nasty traps for heat and moisture, these fibers also fall fairly low on the sustainability pyramid.

Pricier pure silk versions are popular in the Gulf states, but often incorporate toxic dyes, synthetic crystals or plastic beads – hardly green embellishments. What’s an eco-Muslimah to do?


last year’s Dubai Designer Exchange challenged Emirati and German designers to create eco-friendly garments; collaboration was encouraged, as was use of recycled and sustainable materials.

This year’s Abu Dhabi event is open to designers across the Middle East and beyond.  UAE’s Dantella Designs, Omani designer Amr Ali’s UK-based Body AMR  are slated to participate, as will Dubai-based Future Fashion who will present their Reuse jeans, which are made from 80% recycled fabric.

“Sustainability is the way forward for the fashion industry, and I think the UAE, the hub of fashion in the Middle East, is the best place to introduce such a concept to the Middle Eastern customers,” said Ayesha Siddequa, Future Fashion’s creative director.


Abu Dhabi Mall, the host of the April show, hopes to spur social change through sustainably produced fashion. “Sustainability is a key to the future of green practices across all industries, and the UAE Green Festival is a strong demonstration of the UAE’s commitment to this trend,” said Magnus Roxner, Abu Dhabi Mall manager.

The Eco Fashion Show, which features a catwalk made of green building materials, runs from April 8-12. Eco-couture for men and children will also be displayed.

Image from Eluxe Magazine